How to Remove Malware from Android Phone

“OK, Google… what thing do I love the most?” And Google replies, “Your smartphone my majesty”

Funny but true, of all the dearly loved possessions of people, smartphones consistently manage to top the list.

Getting their phone wrecked is a horror for the masses and even in the slightest of imaginations would anyone dare losing their phone. So what happens when the thing you love the most is infected from the inside, slowing down bit by bit every day and you still have no clue what went wrong? Well, there are many reasons for your device to act abnormal but one of the possible reasons could be a malware infection. Breaking it down, malware is a personally programmed software that helps cybercriminals access your devices, steal information and infect the device with viruses. And when we talk about phones, the potential roots of malware usually lies in apps installed from wrong sources or harmful links.

So how can you know when your device is infected with malware? Consider these IF statements:


  • Your phone is slower than usual
  • Your apps take much longer to load
  • Your phone screen often freezes on touch
  • Your battery drains in a blink
  • Your phone displays sudden pop-ups ads and URLs every now and then
  • Your storage is compromised
  • You have apps on your phone that you don’t remember installing
  • Your data charges and phone bills suddenly show a hike

Then there is a pretty good chance that your phone has malware and needs fixing. But merely crossing off the checklist isn’t enough to conclude that your phone has a malware, you might want to confirm the condition much properly by installing antivirus software and diagnosing your device to look for potential malware. There are many antivirus software available on the internet and it is advisable to choose your software carefully from a wide range of free and paid brands. Having any such antivirus software installed on your device not only finds any existing viruses but also protects your device from any further malware hosting or attacks.

Let’s assume you have scanned your device with antivirus software and to your bad luck, your phone is now hosting malware. What should you do now? Read below as we walk you through the process on

How to Remove The Malware From Your Android Phone
  1. Try to identify how the malware got into your device; as mentioned before, suspect your apps and remember since when has the unusual activity in your phone began and when was your phone last working perfectly.
  2. Check which apps have storage and media access on your device.
  3. Go through the background permissions you have given to apps on your phone.
  4. If you spot any suspicious app, uninstall it immediately.
  5. To ensure the process is going right, reboot your phone in safe mode. Most of the android phones can be rebooted in safe mode by long pressing the power button and both the volume keys at once and the options to choose a safe reboot will appear on the screen.
  6. Once your phone reboots in safe mode, monitor if the case has gotten any better.
  7. For complete protection, get antivirus software on your device for thorough and successful diagnosis.

Now that you have removed the software, maintain basic precautions to avoid any other malware further hosting on your phone.

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