How To Protect Yourself From Scholarship Scam

Every year thousands of students apply for scholarships and only a few get them. Since students are desperately trying to get their hands on scholarships to help pay their college tuition fee, there are scholarships scammers out there who are targeting students to scam money out of them and making their financial situation even worse.

If you are a student looking for scholarships to get into your favorite college, then be careful of the scammers. These scammers often lure you with the promise of offering you a scholarship after you pay them some money. The next thing you know is they are gone with your money and your dreams of getting into your favorite college. Since its hard to tell whether a scholarship is a scam or not, there are some red flags that should raise your eyebrows!

Warning Signs of Scholarship Scams
  • If you are being asked to pay any kind of charge in order to be eligible for a scholarship, then it’s a scam. A legitimate company or university will never ask you to pay in return for offering you a scholarship.
  • If you have received emails or calls telling you that you have been selected for a scholarship even if you didn’t apply for it, it’s a scam.
  • Is it a service that’s asking you to do nothing? If they tell you that they’ll apply for you and you don’t need to do anything except pay a certain fee, then they are playing with you. All they’ll do is take the fee and never speak to you again!
  • While there are companies who will look for scholarships for you in exchange for some “processing fee”, but in most cases they are scams, so be careful.
  • If they ‘guarantee’ you a scholarship offer with money back guarantee, chances are it’s a scam. Legitimate scholarship offers are never guaranteed unless you have gone through the whole process of applying for a scholarship.

 Therefore, the above-mentioned warning signs can help you spot a scholarship scam easily.

How to Protect Yourself From the Scam

 Search the Internet

Always make sure you verify the authenticity of the companies who are offering you a scholarship. Google their name and read their reviews.

Never Pay a “Fee”

You should never pay any kind of money to companies who offer you guaranteed scholarships or who offer to search scholarships for you.

 Make Sure It’s A Real Offer

If you are being offered a scholarship for a certain amount of money, always contact them and ask for their address and other contact details. If they are real they will give you this information happily without hesitating.

Is it “too good to be true”?

If a scholarship offer sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is not true. Do a background check of the source and you’ll definitely find it out to be a scam.

 So keep this in mind and be careful while searching for scholarships. Better safe than sorry!

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