How To Block A Phone Number On Smartphone

Do you want to get rid of getting annoying phone calls from unknown numbers or spammer? Calls from unwanted sources have become modern evils of the world. Spam calls can be anything whether its sales, marketing, or just specific people you don’t like etc. You can block such phone calls on your smartphones if you do not want to get them again. There are several ways to block calls on your device. Moreover, you can block the annoying phone numbers on your phone by using third party call blockers. Once you block the unwanted phone numbers you never get any call or SMS from the particular number.

So, we have mentioned below how to block a number on smartphones.

Block Phone Number on Your Phone

There are so many mobile companies out there which have their own call blocking features. You can block the unwanted numbers according to your phone specifications.

Block A Number on Samsung

In order to block phone numbers on Samsung mobiles touch Call logs> Call Setting>Call Block

  • Go to phone app
  • Select the Call logs tab,
  • Then tap the three dots at the top right and choose Call settings.
  • Select call blocking options under General choose.

Block A Number on iPhone

If you want to block a phone number on iPhone,

  • Go to Phone app at the bottom of every home screen.
  • Click the ‘recent’ at the bottom
  • Click the ‘I’ next to the number you wish to block.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option to ‘Block this Caller’.
  • Click it and confirm your choice. Very simple!

Block A Number on HTC

It is easy and simple to block a phone number on HTC smartphones.

  • Open the phone app on your home screen.
  • Press and hold the phone number you would like to block and select the option ‘Block contact’.

Call Block on LG Mobiles

To block calls, open the Phone app, select Menu > Settings > Call Reject > Reject Calls From and add numbers.

  • Tap the 3-dot icon (top-right corner)
  • Select “Call Settings”
  • Select “Reject Calls”

We have given an idea about how to block a phone number on different smartphones. Besides these, you can get different ways of blocking phone numbers in different mobile companies.

Use the Third Party to Blocking Unwanted Calls

Apart from own call blocking features of smartphones, you can use the third party to blocking unwanted calls. There are so many calls blocking apps available which can help you to get rid of annoying phone calls. Many calls blocking app offers some extra features that can be used for filters, notifications, and schedules to make it. Some of the popular call blocking app is listed below

  • Safest call blocker
  • Mr Number
  • Calls Blacklist
  • Call Control
  • True Caller
  • Call Blocker

Apply these methods and say goodbye to the spammer or annoyed unidentified phone numbers.

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