Different Types of Hacking Techniques & Hackers

What Is The Meaning Of  Hacker?

A ‘hacker’ is a term loosely used for someone who breaks into computer networks and steals other people’s data for money or other purposes. Hacking can either be ethical or unethical. There can be many ways to look at hacking. Unethical hacking is also called an illegal activity which makes it possible to get unauthorized information.

Common Hacking Techniques That You Must Know About?

Here are some of the most common hacking techniques

Keylogger: Keylogger is a simple software that keeps a record of the key sequence and the strokes of a particular keyboard into a log file on the machine. It might also keep your personal information in it like your passwords and email-IDs. This technique is also known as keyboard capturing, which can be either software or hardware. The software and hardware-based keyloggers differ from each other because of the fact that the target is either the keyboard or other hardware devices or the software.

It is one of the most common techniques that hackers use to get your personal information, which is why you are given an option to use virtual keyboards at several banking websites. You must take extra care when it comes to using a public computer.

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Denial of Service: Denial of Service or DOS is another popular hacking technique which includes flooding of the user’s computer with a lot of traffic so that the server crashes down and is unable to process any task that the user asked it to perform initially.

Hackers using this technique often use special kinds of computers called zombie computers, which are specifically built to flood other systems with unwanted junk. As the years are moving forward, the technology that hackers are using to get into your computer is also advancing, and thereby the size of DOS is rapidly increasing.

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Waterhole Attacks: This is a different technique used by most hackers now, and has proven to be quite useful. These kinds of hacking technique cause poising of the most accessed place of the victim, just as is done with some wild animals in nature.

These hackers keep a complete track of your activities and are hence aware of your timings and your most accessed page. Using this information, hackers make a fake Wi-Fi access point and modify your most accessed website and redirect it to get your personal information. It is extremely dangerous to use your personal information in different websites on any random computer. Even on your personal computer, you must have layers of security and protection while you’re putting out your personal information on the internet.

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Fake WAP: Another similar technique used by hackers mostly is by creating a fake Wireless Access Point (WAP) which gives them free access to your personal data. It is considered as one of the easiest hacking techniques as anyone can name their WAP with some legit name and have an eye on you. This is why it is always recommended to use a quality VPN service and not pick up on any random Wi-Fi that you find.

Eavesdropping: Eavesdropping or Passive Attacks are used by hackers to gain some information without being identified. These hackers sit patiently monitoring your system and networks to gain information and finally target your emails and phone calls etc. The ones who generally indulge in this kind of hacking technique are the black hat hackers.

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Phishing: This technique enables hackers to imitate a particular (most-accessed) website and trapping the victim by modifying the original link somehow. This usually combines social engineering and is considered as one of the deadliest attacks.

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Virus, Trojan: These are malicious software programs that after getting installed on the system will break it down and hence the hacker can have access to your personal information. The different viruses are various malware, worms, Trojans etc.

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ClickJacking Attacks: This technique is more commonly known as UI redress. In this technique, the hackers hide the original UI where the victim is supposed to click. It is commonly used in the modern app world, and even in movie streaming or other torrent websites. ClickJacking attacks can be easily used for stealing your personal information.

There are many other hacking techniques too, that hackers use to get your personal information. It is therefore recommended for you to be careful and aware of all such techniques.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hackers?

Blackhat Hackers: Black hat hackers are the ones you hear about in news and from other people around They tend to find banks and cyber services with weak security systems and get into them to steal your credit card information and much more.

White Hat Hackers: White hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers, as they are the good guys of the hacking world. They are actually there to help us with whatever troubles we get on our systems, like removing a virus or generate layers of security on systems when people don’t know how to. These hackers have been trained to handle cybersecurity and pursue careers in hacking. White hat hackers have access to your security information but have no intention of using them against you.

Grey Hat Hackers: These are the real world hackers, the Grey hat hackers. These people, just like everything else in the world do not lie on the good side or the bad. They do not steal your money from the bad guys or even help you with your problems like the white hat hackers. Instead, they just deface your website for fun, and mostly to test their caliber. These people make up the majority of the hacking world and still don’t get the most attention.

Red Hat Hackers: Red hat hackers are the watchmen of the hacking world. They do not tend to put a full stop to the black hat hackers like the good guys, but they are scary in how they do it. They find the loophole in the businesses that are getting attacked by different hackers, and instead of stealing your money, induce a virus and destroying the system from inside out. Red hat hackers are so named as they use many aggressive forms of methods to kill the computer, literally. But the good news is, that the businesses do not need to worry about it.

Blue Hat Hackers: A blue hat hacker would simply seek revenge from someone who has made them angry. These people are new to the hacking world and yet have no desire to learn, unlike the green hat hackers. Basically, if a script kiddie ever decides to take revenge, it would be a blue hat hacker.

Script Kiddie: These are the types of hackers that do not really hack for themselves. Script kiddies don’t even care about stealing things for themselves. All they do is code for a virus and use it for SQL or something else. A very common script kiddie would be a DOS or DDOS, where they flood the customer’s IP with useless information so that it collapses.

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